Meter Boxes

Meter boxes and 3 phase electrical GRP cabinets, enclosures, and kiosks. High quality, secure boxes that are sourced directly from the manufacturer.

What is a meter box?

A meter box is a product used to house a buildings electric or gas meter, or electrical componements in certain industries..

Who is responsible for the electric meter box?

The homeowner/landlord owns the meter box and therefore has full responsibility.

Do we supply meter box accessories?

Yes, we supply a range of accessories however due to the manufacturing process our enclosures have been produced to very high standards, are extremely secure, and last for many years. We have a range of GRP (glass reinforced plastic) cabinets which undergo a thermal setting technique to ensure high durability.

Can you supply any size gas or electric cabinet?

Yes, we provide a complete bespoke or custom-made enclosure service. We understand that some customers require something different either a smaller or larger cabinet or kiosk. We can build any size meter enclosure you require and deliver your product very quickly. We have a dedicated expert sales team waiting for you call 01752 426356 or send us an email at

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