Pedestals enable our enclosures to be mounted as freestanding units without a need for concrete padding. They are destined to be used as a base for a switching station which is then assembled at ground level wherever the project requires it. Pedestal construction allows a very quick assembly and disassembly of upper panels and simplifies access work for installation or changing power cables.

Better Materials

Emiter closures are made specifically from GRP (glass fibre reinforced polyester). Our improvements mean conservation problems are no longer an issue, no re-painting as it will remain resistant to atmospheric’s conditions and maintain performance.

Better Design

Our improved design means that a whole replacement is not always needed in these cases. With Emiter the enclosure is designed with integrating elements. This makes it is possible to change and replace only that which needs replacing rather than the whole and complete unit.

Consistent with:

  • DCE Cable Distribution Cabinets
  • OS, OSi, OSZ, OSZi Cable Distribution Cabinets
  • KS, KSi, KSZ, KSZi Cable Distribution Cabinets


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