Sneak Preview – Complete Home Solution

Attention Electricians and Home Builders. Here is a preview of our new home connection solutions all in one enclosure! Includes: 1. 3-Phase Electric Splitter 2. Mains Switch 3. Consumer Unit 4. Analog Meter 5. Digital Meter 6. Solar Set up of AC Isolator, DC Isolator and Safety Switch. Simple elegant access for technicians, completely covered […]

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Sub Meters and Splitter Boxes

A quick note to all electricians about the  new sub meter  and splitter configurations  we will be offering  shortly that are very popular in Europe, but uncommon in the UK. Emiter enclosures can be partitioned with separate compartments each with its own lockable door and different key or padlock combinations. Add to this some small very […]

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3 Phase Meter Boxes

Many of our new site visitors and customers are looking for suitable enclosures for 3 Phase metering. They welcome our range of enclosures with the most popular sizes being 530mm wide x 800mm high x 245mm deep and 660mm wide x 800mm high x 320mm deep. Many other suitable sizes are also available however. Please contact […]

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Enclosure Catalogues

While we are still new and finding our way in the UK market, our products have been available in Europe and elsewhere for over twenty years. As a result the company has  several websites and online catalogues available, from GRP  to a full range of metal enclosures and cabinets. We also supply solar systems and complete […]

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High Quality Meter Boxes from Europe

Hello from Emiter UK. We are the sole source for high quality design in electrical enclosures and meter boxes  originating from Emiter Poland. After 2o years in Europe these products have finally made it ashore in the UK. Why so long? Who knows!  If you need individual high quality meter boxes look no further.

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