3 Phase Meter Boxes

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Many of our new site visitors and customers are looking for suitable enclosures for 3 Phase metering. They welcome our range of enclosures with the most popular sizes being 530mm wide x 800mm high x 245mm deep and 660mm wide x 800mm high x 320mm deep. Many other suitable sizes are also available however. Please contact us for options.

Need a taller unit? Then why not add a cable base or two to increase the height as needed. They are made of the same material and colour and fit seamlessly with the appropriate enclosure.

Locking issues?  All of our enclosures can be padlocked as delivered and optional triangle or keyed locks are available for a nominal charge.

If you have been given specifications from your local power company please forward the details and we will make sure we provide a high quality meter box at a very competitive price.