Why Choose a 3 Phase Meter Box

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When you know little about electricity other than that it provides you with the energy required to run appliances within your home you will often be at a loss when it comes to replacing your electrical installation or meter box. The question will often arise as to why to use a three phase meter box and installation as opposed to a single phase system that would work out to be less expensive.

3 phase meter boxes are far more commonplace in residences than single phase boxes in the modern home and single phase boxes are far more commonly found in less developed countries or in residences with very old electrical installations. The basic answer to the question of why you need to choose a 3 phase meter box is that a single phase box and supply will constantly let you down; with so many appliances constantly being plugged in at one time a single phase installation simply won’t deliver you with the level of power that you need.

The power supply for a main grid is almost always 3-phase in the modern world, and the reason behind this is that single phase power uses a sine voltage that crosses zero before it reverses its polarity and on approaching zero there is very little power. At zero you will find no power at all, and single phases systems will often rely on just the inertia of the appliance or motor in question when at zero or near to zero.

3 phase meter box

When you select a 3 phase meter box and three phase power, one of the phases will always be delivering the necessary power; not all three phases will be at zero at the same time. Three phase meter boxes and installations are not just recommended but necessary when you are using applications that need high power; when talking about a car this 3 phase power will then be converted by an alternator to provide the direct current required.

When choosing from installations and meter boxes for your electrical supply you will generally be met by the option of three phase and single phase; although two phases boxes are also manufactured they are used for a very limited amount of applications and processes. A three phase system will provide you with the constant power and torque that you need to run your home appliances or your equipment at your business premise.

3 phase meters provide you with the reliability that you require for your home or work premise. Whether you only occasionally run a large number of high power devices simultaneously you need to avoid the inconvenience of the electrics tripping out and an overload on the circuit. When you install a three phase electrical installation with three phase boxes you will be delivering the level of power that you need to keep all your appliances running at the same time. Remember that simply updating your meter box to three phase is not the solution to your antiquated electrical installation that is constantly tripping out and causing problems; you need to install and run a three phase installation to your three phase box that will supply you with a reliable source of power around the clock.