Sub Meters and Splitter Boxes

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Partitioned EnclosureA quick note to all electricians about the  new sub meter  and splitter configurations  we will be offering  shortly that are very popular in Europe, but uncommon in the UK.

Emiter enclosures can be partitioned with separate compartments each with its own lockable door and different key or padlock combinations. Add to this some small very efficient modern meters, and it is possible to arrange a series of sub meters for apartments, offices, industrial units etc all in one box. No need anymore to dedicate a locked room to individual meters mounted on wooden boards!

Our boxes can also be offered with windows and access panels to allow limited access to a meter for reading or top up of supplies by the customer, without providing access to the rest of the wiring.

We will be updating this website to offer various combinations of these designs including the electronics, but in the meantime, please contact us if you have a specific location that needs new metering and let us provide a free design alternative to consider.

Partitioned Meter BoxPartitioned Enclosure with electronics