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1. Posted 21/10/14  A short video where we take an Emiter meter box and try to break it…….

2. Next we take a blow torch and large mallet to another Emiter box…….        

When installing meters and switchgears in buildings, the  safety and fire resistance of the equipment cabinet is critical.        

EMITER’s cabinets are made of fiber-reinforced material, consisting of polyester and various additives (SMC), which improve particular characteristics of the product – ease of processing, toughness, mechanical strength, resistance to fire and so on. In addition to components such as polyester, resins, glass fiber, sand and other fillers, its composition includes the so-called “quencher”. It has a great impact on product inflammability, as it slackens the flame spread.

3.  Lastly with more intensive fire, we destroy a  thermoplastic  box and an Emiter SMC box and compare……

Unlike thermoplastic (PC) alternatives, there are no burning droplets to spread the fire

With kind permission from UAB ELPEAK (https://www.elpeak.lt/en/prduct_inflammability)

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