Busbar Trunking

Busbar trunking and chamber systems available from Emiter can provide a far more effective distribution of power to your premises than standard wiring. All the Busbar chamber systems we have on offer are compact and easily mounted to the wall in secure cabinets and electrical boxes. Through the introduction of busbar trunking systems, large currents of electric can be successfully and safely conducted within a chamber using busbars, as opposed to standard wiring and circuit boards.

Copper Busbars


ModelCross sect.Art. No.
SZN 4630 x 5924 4635
40 x 5924 4645
SZN 5930 x 5924 5935
40 x 10924 5945
SZN 7940 x 5924 7945
40 x 10924 7949
60 x 10924 7969
SZN 9240 x 5924 9245
40 x 10924 9249
60 x 10924 9269

Our busbar systems are easy and economical to install, and they also provide the facility to enable MEM switchgear. Our chambers come in four standard lengths of 550mm, 900mm, 1350mm, and 1800mm, and with 100, 200, 400, 630, or 800 Amp ratings to choose from you will be able to select a bus bars system that is perfect for your industry or workplace. Our busbar chambers are designed in a way so that there is room to couple a second busbar with ease, end plates being detachable on all units.

SZB Copper Busbars without holes


ModelCross sect.Art. No.
SZB 4630 x 5925 4635
40 x 5925 4645
SZB 5930 x 5925 5935
40 x 10925 5945
SZB 7940 x 5925 7945
40 x 10925 7949
60 x 10925 7969
SZB 9240 x 5925 9245
40 x 10925 9249
60 x 10925 9269

Our busbar chambers and trunking systems provide you with a safe electrical current, without the necessity for a panel board, and an easy plug and play system for all your devices or machinery. The overall performance of our busbar trunking systems is far superior to standard electrical installations, the ability to add and remove devices instantly and the tapping off of connections allowing you a constant supply of electricity without the danger of overloading the circuit.

busbar trunking

We offer a wide range of neutral busbar chambers and busbar trunking systems, all our electrical installations being provided to you with safety in mind. Our busbar chambers and electrical boxes are all installed with tamper-proof locks, the material of our boxes being flame-retardant as well as rust-resistant. We offer solutions for both external and internal mounting, our electrical boxes and chambers also being suitably designed so as to avoid the build-up of excess moisture and damp.


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